I love building around the city of Newcastle. It is the city that I was born in, the city that I grew up in and it is the city that I plan on living the rest of my life in. I have experienced and done so many things within the Newcastle area, and I hope that I manage to spend the rest of my life within the city. I also want my kids to spend their lives here, or at the very least spend their childhoods here and get the most that they can out of it. There aren’t many places that are better for kids to spend their childhood at, since everyone in the area knows everyone else’s name, and the area itself is safe compared to other cities and villages within the United Kingdom. It’s one of the closest things to my heart, and I hope that they can grow up to appreciate it like I do.

I have spent so much of my life within the Newcastle area, but I have also spent so much of my career within the area too. Whenever I am in the city or many of the suburban and residential areas within or outside of the city, I can see many of the buildings and properties that I was able to work on throughout the years. Some of the buildings I have even been the foreman of, and there are a small few buildings that I oversaw the construction itself. It is weird to still have a sort of emotional attachment to these projects so many years after I had finished constructing them, but once you can see the effort of your labour in such a grand way, it is difficult to let go of. It is difficult to look past some of these buildings and not see the hard work and the time you put into making sure that they stood firm and safe. The passion it takes to start and follow through with a project with the same concentration and conviction is very rare, and it takes builders who are truly inspired and find their job both a passion and a hobby to complete.

I have been very fortunate to have so many buildings within the Newcastle area to complete. For many sections of time throughout the years, many builders and foremen have been out of work and haven’t been able to find a job or a project that they could work on. Being a builder with a constant stream of work and projects to take part in is very rare these days because of the amount of companies that are within the area, the number of builders that have flocked towards the city itself and the monopoly that some companies have within the city means that it is a case of loyalty. Building a relationship with a company or the managers within the company as a builder is one of the only ways to ensure that you can still have a job, unless you are so talented and efficient at what you do that a company can’t help but hire you whenever you are free for work.

I’m sorry some may not find this interesting, but these are small thoughts that I have every so often that is important for any builder within the United Kingdom and Newcastle itself. I hope you have enjoyed todays blog post, and make sure you read both yesterdays blog post and some of the posts within the future.