As a builder in Newcastle, I have had the pleasure of working on many residential properties within the area for multiple different jobs. One of the most common projects that I have completed at residential properties within the Newcastle area is residential property renovations. Renovations are becoming increasingly common today because it is cheaper to change your exterior and interior of your home without having to purchase a new one. Many people get tired of the same surroundings, especially if they have lived in their home after more than 10 years. It is increasingly common for people to decide that they want to renovate or even remodel their entire home because either they want something fresh, or they want to change the use of some of their rooms.

There are a few areas on the outside of Newcastle, especially the suburban areas where many of the families are located that is common to see a renovation or remodelling. One of my favourite home renovations that I have completed within the last 5 years is the renovation of a 3-storey home. A 3-storey home isn’t uncommon in Newcastle, but the actual size of the home was larger than the common home you would see outside of the city. The home itself was very long and wide, making the home about double the size of an average 3-storey home. This made the renovation quite interesting for the size of the project, but also the creativity and innovation that the home owner wanted with the renovation itself. They wanted to change the structure of the building along with the exterior and interior decorations.

The main selling point of the renovation was the amount of change in colour and style of the interior itself. The interior was originally homely and uncreative, and the home owner was looking for the opposite in their home. They wanted to turn their relatively uncreative and unappealing home into one of the most stylish, elegant and colourful rooms within the entire city. That is why the structure within the interior was changed. The two main structural edits were the giant, in wall fish tank and the pillars that the home owner wanted.

The fish tank itself was very elegant, although some may call it tacky. The fish tank was a total of 7 meters tall, while also being quite wide. The tank was installed within a standalone wall that we built within the home owners main bedroom. The wall was built in the middle of the room, with a cut off on the half way mark to allow access to each side of the room without any effort or doors, and the ability to feed the fish without difficulty.

The pillars were also a small edit. We built them within the entrance of the home because the home owner wanted to make the homes entrance look grand. We built two within the home made of concrete and painted matte white, while repeating the same process but at the entrance of the home, side by side of the front door. It was a grand edit, but it also fit in to the home without looking cliché, cheesy or tacky.

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